Documenting Your Medical Condition After an Auto Accident

Most people are not thinking about taking photographs of their injuries immediately after a car crash. They are injured. They are often in shock and in pain, and the last thing on anyone’s mind is getting a snapshot.

However, if you have been injured in a car crash in New Jersey or anywhere else for that matter, you must document your medical condition or have someone document it for you.

If you don’t keep records of what you have done and how you were injured, it can be difficult to prove a personal injury claim in your behalf. When you are in the process of negotiating a settlement, it can help to have pictures of what you looked like and of the damages to the car.

What should you do to document your injuries, in addition to taking photos on the scene and shortly thereafter? You need to seek medical treatment right away. Your doctor or the emergency room doctor should record your injuries, even if you believe that you do not have serious injuries. It’s sometimes not obvious the extent of your injuries, especially if you are in shock. Additionally, the doctor diagnosis can provide a baseline for your recovery process.

Create a medical file and put everything relating to the accident in this file. Do not throw anything out! Save all emails, as well. When you have a file, you can also track your documents easier and get reimbursed for accident-related treatment easier.

Additionally, you need to obtain copies of any medical records and reports from all medical sources that you have seen post-accident for accident-related treatment. If you have a treatment report from your doctor and other health professionals, you can ask for a copy and share them with all involved parties, including any attorney you are working with as well as all insurance companies involved. This saves time.

Finally, create an “accident” journal. Either write it or record it, which is easy enough these days with a smartphone. This journal will then document your progress related to the car crash. It will also record your feelings around what has happened, including any upset relating to the trauma you are dealing with and any limitations post-accident. All of this can be useful when it comes time to settle your case. And please note that mental pain and suffering is a different damage than the damages related to the cost of medical treatment and material damage relating to your car.

Even if you believe that you will never sue the other person, keep a record. For your own safekeeping and peace of mind.

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