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4 Questions To Ask Your Morris County Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself accused of a crime and you are in need of a strong legal defense, a Morris County defense lawyer is often all that separates you from a favorable outcome and a lengthy jail sentence or massive fine. If you or a loved one is accused of a crime, you will need to call a Morris County defense lawyer as soon as you become aware of the allegations.

Your future is far too important to gamble with by using a public defender and by taking the time to speak with a Morris County defense lawyer, you can avoid an undesirable fate and preserve your long term earning power. Please be sure to read on and learn more about the following questions that you need to be asking your prospective legal representative.

1. How Long Have You Been Practicing?

If the defense lawyer that you are meeting with has not been practicing criminal law for a significant period of time, this should be considered a major red flag and a sign that you need to consider other lawyers. Research shows that it takes a significant amount of time to become an expert in a chosen legal field and when you are in need of a defense lawyer, a matter this serious requires a defense lawyer who has a multitude of experience with the specific aspects that your case entails.

2. How Many Jury Trials Have You Been Engaged In?

You are going to want a lawyer that is already well familiar with these processes, as there is no reason to choose a legal representative that has not handled cases like these in the past on numerous occasions. The lawyer should not be afraid to go to trial and they should have a strong level of understanding when it comes to the processes that are about to take place. In a perfect world, you would be hiring a lawyer that has experienced at least a few dozen trials in the past.

3. Do You Have Specific Experience?

A defense lawyer should also be a specialist when it comes to the specific area of the law that your case will encompass. They should have handled cases exactly like yours in the past and there is no need to hire a lawyer whose knowledge is more generalized. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself far more susceptible to the issues that tend to arise when a Morris County defense lawyer is attempting to mount a defense for a case that is beyond their area of expertise.

4. Are You Going To Be Handling My Case?

Lawyers will often promise you that they are going to be the one that handles your case and when you allow yourself to believe what you are being told during a consultation meeting, this can lead to a major letdown later in the process when your case is passed down to a less experienced member of their firm. Be sure to find out if the lawyer who you are interviewing with is going to be the lawyer handling your case beforehand to eliminate these concerns.


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