Penalties for Violating Probation

Between March 11 and March 14, Hunterdon County sheriff’s officers arrested different 3 people for violation of probation warrants. Each person was promptly returned to jail and held without bond pending a court appearance.

Probation is a more lenient alternative to incarceration that is available for lower-risk criminal offenders, which allows them to serve their sentences in the community under probationary supervision rather than being sentenced to incarceration, or serving time in jail. Various terms and conditions apply to probation arrangements in New Jersey. These include, but are not limited to, regular appointments with the offender’s probation officer, curfews, random drug and alcohol testing, monthly payments, electronic monitoring, community service, counseling, or education and employment requirements.

In order to avoid a revocation of probation, strict rules must be followed while a person is on probation. If a person is caught in violation of probation, their probation can be revoked, causing their sentence of incarceration to be activated and enforced or the imposition of stricter probation conditions. However, the penalties to be imposed depend on the seriousness of the probation violation.

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