The Difference Between Long-Term Permanent Disability and Short-Term Temporary Disability

If you’ve been injured or got sick while on the job, benefits include compensation for lost wages while you are not able to work at all, or at full capacity. You can expect to be compensated for wages lost due to your injury or illness should you file a claim with workers compensation.

There are two primary categories of disability benefits, long-term permanent and short-term temporary disability benefits. Just as the names imply, the long-term benefits are permanent, meaning that you are prevented either fully or partially rom returning to your job as a result of your injury or illness. The short-term temporary benefits are what you receive for a limited amount of time, until you are well enough to return to work.

When you are dealing with temporary disability, you can fall into either total temporary disability or partial temporary disability. If you have a total disability it means that you cannot work right now but you will have the capacity to return to work in the future. If you are dealing with a short-term partial disability, then you cannot perform all job duties due to your injury or illness, but are expected to recover in future.

Long-term disability also divided into two categories: permanent total disability, which means due to your work-related injury or illness you cannot ever return to your work or a job similar to yours. Permanent partial disability means that you have permanent damage but that you are impaired only partially to perform your job.

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