Theft Charge Defense in Morris County

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The potential penalties for theft charges depend on the type of crime, the value of property stolen and your criminal history. The actual outcome depends on your attorney’s skill and knowledge or the local court system.

We are a criminal defense law firm with over 25 years of experience in Morris County and all counties of North Jersey. We are confident that we can improve your situation to avoid a conviction or minimize the consequences. Contact the Law Offices of Gregg A. Wisotsky at 973-898-0161 for a free phone consultation.

Experienced Representation for Property Crimes

We have handled every type of theft charge; both municipal court offenses and indictable crimes:

  • Retail theft
  • Employee theft
  • Other larceny (stealing money or property)
  • Auto theft
  • Credit card fraud/ID theft
  • Bad checks
  • Burglary
  • Selling or receiving stolen goods

Shoplifting and other theft charges can be a municipal or superior court offense, depending on the dollar amount. There is a possibility of jail, especially for repeat offenders, and mandatory community service for any shoplifting conviction. Car theft carries special enhanced penalties: driver’s license suspension in addition to jail or probation.

There are ways to avoid the harshest consequences if your attorney knows what he or she is doing. If your theft charge is a first offense, you may be eligible for pre-trial intervention (PTI), which avoids a conviction in exchange for probation, possible restitution and staying out of trouble for a defined period.

If you do not qualify for diversion, we will work to get a dismissal of your charges on any procedural, technical or legal grounds possible. If that is not likely, then we will either negotiate the most favorable plea deal on your behalf or vigorously defend you at trial.

Contact us today to find out where you stand and what opportunities you have to keep a theft charge off your record. We have offices in Parsippany and Wayne, and we can make jail visits.

We provide skilled representation to people charged with criminal acts in Morris County, Passaic County & Somerset County. We have offices in Parsippany, Wayne & Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

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