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When the court and/or probation department is monitoring your life, you can’t stray far or fall back into bad habits. A relapse, setback or bad decision is magnified into serious legal trouble.

If you violated your terms of probation or parole, or committed a new crime while under court supervision, a judge can impose the original jail sentence or send you back to prison. Early intervention by a qualified attorney is your best chance to avoid this scenario.

The Law Offices of Gregg A. Wisotsky offers a free phone consultation at 973-898-0161 to discuss your situation. In over 25 years of criminal defense experience in Morris County and northern New Jersey, we have favorably represented many clients in violation of probation or parole hearings.

Violation of Probation or Parole (VOP) in New Jersey

If you were sentenced to probation instead of jail, the judge imposed numerous conditions on your release. Failure to meet any one of those terms can land you back in court:

  • New criminal charges
  • Failed test for drugs or alcohol
  • Unpaid fines and court costs
  • Not checking in with your parole or probation officer
  • Failure to complete treatment or counseling
  • Community service or SLAP violations (Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program)

Certain violations will result in a warrant for your arrest. Other violations trigger a summons to a probation revocation hearing. You must not skip this court appearance and you should contact an attorney well in advance to put yourself in the best legal position.

We will find out exactly what the violation is and help you take steps to comply with all terms of probation or parole in advance of your VOP hearing. This proactive approach may benefit you when you finally appear before a judge on your violation case.

Contact us today in Parsippany or Wayne if you have been arrested or summoned or if you know you have violated probation or parole and want to fix it.

We provide skilled representation to people charged with crimes in Morris County, Passaic County & Somerset County. We have offices in Parsippany, Wayne & Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

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