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A minor altercation can quickly mushroom into serious legal trouble. You need an experienced attorney who can step in to protect your rights and guide you through this sensitive situation. We have represented many clients on domestic violence criminal charges and the equally important issue of restraining orders.

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The Triple Threat of Domestic Violence Accusations

Domestic violence refers to assaults or threats against a spouse or partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, ex-spouse or any member of your household or family. An argument or incident which gets out of hand can lead to shoving, hitting, thrown objects or other aggressive behavior. The police take a very serious approach to allegations of domestic violence, so you need an experienced defense attorney to protect your rights.

Regardless of who started the trouble, you can find yourself kicked out of your own home and facing both criminal and family court proceedings:

  • Criminal charges: If the allegation is a disorderly persons offense such as a simple assault or harassment, then that part of your case is heard in municipal court. If the underlying charge is aggravated assault (serious bodily harm), or some other indictable charge, then you must answer the criminal charges in superior court.
  • Restraining orders: A judge can issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) barring you from contacting the victim or your children. Shortly thereafter a hearing will be held on whether to issue a final restraining order (FRO).
  • Violation of restraining orders: You will face additional criminal charges if you are accused of violating the temporary or final restraining order.

These Allegations Demand Aggressive Representation

During 25 years as criminal defense lawyers, we have seen the fallout from domestic violence charges. Marriages and families are torn apart, and prosecutors will go forward even if the victim declines to press charges. In addition to prison or jail, a conviction has an impact on employment opportunities or the right to possess firearms. We have also seen false accusations of domestic assault, harassment or terroristic threats used as a weapon in divorce or custody proceedings.

There will be a hearing on the final restraining order within 10 days. It is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible, so we can prepare to defend the FRO and mount a defense for the domestic violence charges.

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