Recovering Damages After a Workplace Accident

Pursuant to the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act, if an employee is injured in a workplace accident, the employer is responsible for all medical treatment resulting from the injury. The Act further provides, however, that the employer is entitled to choose an authorized doctor to treat the injured employee. If an injured employee fails to be treated by an authorized doctor chosen by his or her employer, they may be personally liable for any and all medical bills arising from the workplace accident or injury.

In addition, the Act provides that an employee is entitled to receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits for the time period during the employee is out of work. These temporary benefits are generally 70% of the employee’s gross weekly earnings and may be paid for a maximum of 400 weeks. In order to receive these benefits, the injured employee must be treated by an “authorized doctor” and must be out of work. Once the authorized doctor determines that the injured employee has reached maximum medical benefit, meaning that he or she will no longer benefit from further treatment even if they are still experiencing some pain and other symptoms, the employee will be medically released to return to work and the Temporary Total Disability Benefits will be suspended.

An injured employee with a permanent injury may also be entitled to permanency benefits under the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act. The amount of permanency benefits is determined by the significance and severity of the permanent injury.

In order for an employee to be entitled to workers’ compensation damages, the Act requires the employee to notify his or her employer of any injury which occurs on the job. Furthermore, an injured employee must report any workplace accident or injury within ninety (90) days of the accident or injury. If you are injured in a workplace accident, it is strongly advisable to fill out an accident report immediately after the accident.

Alternatively, if an employer believes that an employee has not in fact suffered from a workplace accident or that an employee’s injury is not severe, and determines that he or she is not entitled to temporary total benefits, the injured employee may seek assistance from the Temporary Disability Bureau. In order to be eligible for such benefits, the employee must be receiving treatment from any doctor and must be out of work. In addition, Social Security Disability benefits may be available to an employee who is expected to suffer permanent and long-term injuries due to the workplace accident.

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